Photography for me is about more than just taking pictures. It is an art. It is an experience. It is about forming a real connection with my subject(s) and producing authentic moments of joy, empowerment, and fierceness that they can relive over and over and over again.

My intention is to document the environment and captivate your aura in a way that leaves you saying, "That's how it really was, that's exactly how the moment felt," when you look back on the images we've created together.
Regret is felt most often about the things we didn't do rather than the things we did. Don't miss out on an opportunity to have something as inimitable as your birth or family dynamic captured; Heaven knows Change is life's only constant and time is ever progressing. 

they aren't just photographs, they're stories

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Lifestyle imagery is the perfect balance between portrait photography and documentary-based photography; a genre that fabled character, Goldilocks, would describe "just right". Lifestyle combines candid moments with prompted action and direction to convey scenarios and events as they would actually occur in your life. I shoot all of my sessions Lifestyle as it produces the most genuine-feeling collections, and tells your story, whatever it may be, in an accurate account of real-life matters.

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Basic retouch is included in your session fee where I will remove things like small acne spots, minor scrapes and cuts you may have, bruises, and things alike. I respectively decline such requests in regards to weight play (increase or decrease) as I believe in the importance of portraying our bodies as they are in their natural, beautiful present state. If this is a true concern for you, please let me know how I can make you feel your best come session day as I put forth great effort in making you feel your most confident when you're with me.  

Can you make me look thinner?

You will receive your gallery digitally. Once you have permitted the 7-14 day wait time and I have completed culling and editing the very best photos from your session, you can expect an email from me permitting all-access to your collection with specific downloading instructions. Moreover, I do not release RAW files. 

How will I receive my images?

1000% yes. I don’t expect anyone to show up with years of modeling experience on their resume (although if you do, kudos). Hands can be tricky and lack of camera exposure can feel a bit daunting. I’ve been there. During our session, I give directive action posing tips to get the most natural shots. We are in this together, my dear. The only thing I ask is for you to trust the process and to go into your session with a positive, can-do attitude!

I’m not a model. Is that okay?

What if I don’t want my photos shared online?

While I use photos taken to promote my small business, I completely understand ones concern over privacy. Please let me know if you would like for me not to share highlights from your sessions’ collection outside your online gallery. While having a social media presence is important to my work, I respect your wishes through and through and promise not share any images you do not want published online. This will be covered in our legally binding contract as well. 

No. Studio photography really isn’t my niche. I find that the most memorable and authentic shoots are taken in-home, outdoors, or at a location that means something special. However, I am partial to places like the Lumen Room in Austin and Dallas for minimalistic takes. 

Inclusivity is a promise here at Stories Through Tori. I welcome clients of all sexual orientations, gender, etc. I will make you feel both safe and comfortable while capturing whatever it is we have chosen to create together. I do not condone, support, or tolerate discrimination of any kind. My contact form is a great way to introduce yourself as a means to get better acquainted before meeting for the first time. I invite you to share information such as your preferred pronouns, if you go by a different name, what you’re wanting to get out of our session, and more. While the questionnaire is fairly short, feel free to share as much (or as little) with me as you please- I’m all ears!

The day of the shoot has come and gone and you’re ready to update the albums, profile pictures on social media, and send at least a copy or two to your relatives who live out of town. I get it! Trust me when I say I understand your excitement. I, too, am thrilled about your images. Galleries usually take me anywhere between 7-14 days to edit and upload (although my turn-around time is sometimes faster). I kindly ask clients not to bombard me with texts or emails regarding the specific date to which they will be receiving their collection until 14 days after the session date for the sake of my sanity.

While my primary focus is shooting the Divine Feminine (childbirth + boudoir), I also really love photographing tiny humans (babies + kids) as well as senior portraits. As a multi-passionate person, however, it is not uncommon for me shoot a martial arts tournament (I'm a black belt), or couples intimate session. 

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“Tori is one of the most amazing people and photographers I've ever met. She is so pure of heart, kind, and personable. Everyone loved her vibe. Tell her the background and what you want documented, and she finds and captures it beautifully.”
Marissa A. 

"As unfamiliar as I am with being in front of a camera & wearing something completely out of my comfort zone, I was nervous but the product of [our] shoot left me in a whirlwind. I wish I could go back in time and tell my little self that one day you'll sit in front of a camera & not worry about a single one of the flaws you used to pick yourself apart over. You’ll see one of the candid photos & it’ll be your absolute favorite because it makes you realize you were able to love and forgive every version of yourself it took to become the person you are today. Tori, thank you for [making me] feel so beautiful. I cannot express how blessed I am to call you one of my greatest & most talented friends."
shelby j.

“We are so very happy with Tori’s incredible photos. She truly has a gift and talent for capturing those special moments in life.”
Cheri + Allen

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Whether you're graduating from college, celebrating the launch of your new business, or hosting a tea party in your dining room with all your childhood best friends invited, commemorate your joy with meaningful pictures. Whatever makes your heart burst with happiness, do it with intention and frequency. Romanticize your life, babe, and celebrate your existence, your triumphs, your wins, and your journey to self love. Let's create something unusual and wondrous together while we have the chance. 


Boudoir photography is raw. It depicts our bodies as they are meant to be seen and inspires transparency. When we normalize authentic looking human bodies made up of scars, faults, and stardust, we stimulate a new sense of confidence within; confidence that is built on radical acceptance of the human anatomy. Allow me to help release your inner goddess and showcase your awe-inspiring celestial being through soul-stirring and captivating imagery.


Over time, our memory becomes hazy and we are much less likely to remember all the little details we'd never think to forget. What did you feel when baby was placed on your chest for the first time? Did essential oils and twinkle lights fill your birthing space? Did your partner help change the first diaper? Recall all of your most powerful moments during labor, and tender few seconds as baby enters the world and takes their first breath with the gift of birth photography. 


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Nesting is a small part in growing your little family. Let dreamy photos documenting your journey to motherhood be another aspect you look forward to. Following your maternity photos, bask in all things baby related: the fresh newborn smell, tiny toes, little yawns, the cutest hiccups you've ever heard. Have these precious details captured and printed in an album for keepsakes of the week you welcomed your tiny human into the world and made your house a home. 

Maternity + Newborn

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all inclusive

newborn and Family
$500 + tax

Birth sessions come with a complimentary over the phone consultation, on call availability starting at 38 weeks, photography coverage of active labor 6cm+ and 60 minutes postpartum, and a minimum of 80 professionally edited images depicting your birth story on a custom website made for you to view and download the digital high resolution gallery.

$1,900 + tax

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$425 + Tax

Includes a complimentary wardrobe style guide, outfit and location planning assistance, a 90 minute photography session, postproduction and professional editing of a minimum of 35 images, and a digital high resolution gallery released on a custom website to you.

Includes a complimentary wardrobe style guide, outfit planning assistance, a 2 hour in home photography session, postproduction and professional editing of a minimum of 40 images, and a digital high resolution gallery released on a custom website to you. 

Book maternity ($425), birth ($1,900), and newborn ($500) photography all at once and save $400!

out of this world

Book maternity ($425) and birth ($1,900) photography together and save $250!

cosmic collection

Book maternity ($425) and newborn ($500) photography together and save $200!

Complimentary wardrobe and style guide, location assistance, directive posing, and a minimum of 25 professionally edited images delivered on a custom website for you to view and easily download your high resolution photo gallery.

$450 + tax

Complimentary wardrobe and style guide, location assistance, directive posing, and a minimum of 25 professionally edited images delivered on a custom website for you to view and easily download your high resolution photo gallery. Professional hair and makeup offered at a discount upon request at time of booking.

$385 + tax

boudoir investment

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